1. Installation

1.1. Common Steps
1.1.1. Webserver
1.1.2. Java 2 Software Development Kit
1.1.3. TOMCAT
1.2. Database Backend Installation
1.2.1. ORACLE
1.2.2. ORACLE XE
1.2.3. PostgreSQL Backend
1.3. Installer-based Installation
1.3.1. PHP
1.3.2. BMFO Installer With ORACLE
1.3.3. BMFO Installer With PostgreSQL
1.4. Manual Installation
1.4.1. Database Backend
1.4.2. ORACLE
1.4.3. PostgreSQL
1.4.4. Webserver
1.4.5. PHP
1.4.6. PEAR
1.4.7. JPGraph
1.4.8. Fonts
1.4.9. BMFO
1.4.10. Servlet
1.5. Change Default Password

This section describes the BMFO installation on Windows.

Installation on other operating systems such as Linux is possible but not described in detail in this document.

Section 1.3 explains the installer-based installation. Section 1.4 has more detailed information - use this if the installer does not work for you. Installation steps that are common to both installation types are described under Section 1.1.

In the following, $BMFO and %BMFO% reference the directory where the application is installed. Replace this with the actual path or set an environment variable. $BMFO is a bash environment variable and %BMFO% a Windows enviroment variable.

The recommended installation folder for BMFO is c:\program files\bmfo.

After the installation has finished, see the Section 2.1.