1.2.2. ORACLE XE

[Caution] Caution

You don't have to follow the instructions in this chapter if you are using ORACLE or PostgreSQL as the database backend. See Section 1.2.1 or Section 1.2.3 in this case.

Installation instructions for the ORACLE 10g Express Edition (XE) backend.

Start the ORACLE installer (OracleXE.exe).

ORACLE XE Welcome Page

Figure 23. ORACLE XE Welcome Page

On the page displayed in Figure 23 click Next >.

ORACLE XE License Agreement

Figure 24. ORACLE XE License Agreement

Read through the license agreement and activate I accept the terms in the license agreement as shown in Figure 24 if you agree to the license. Click Next >.

ORACLE XE Installation Folder

Figure 25. ORACLE XE Installation Folder

Accept the default installation folder as shown in Figure 25 and click Next >.

ORACLE XE Password

Figure 26. ORACLE XE Password

Select and enter an appropriate administrator password and click Next > (Figure 26).

[Caution] Caution

Make sure to remember the administrator password as it will be required later during the installation process (Section 1.3.2) and for administrative purposes.


Figure 27. ORACLE XE Summary

Review the settings as shown in Figure 27 and click Install

ORACLE XE Installation Complete

Figure 28. ORACLE XE Installation Complete

Disable the option as shown in Figure 28 and click Finish.

[Caution] Caution

Restart the system before continuing with the BMFO installation. This will make sure that the necessary environment variables are in place.