1.3.1. PHP

PHP can be installed using the BMFO scripting installer, which is available from the BMFO CD or from http://bmfo.sourceforge.net. If you don't want to use the BMFO scripting installer to install PHP, please refer to Section 1.4.

Start the BMFO Scripting installer (bmfo-scripting-setup-5.1.4-1.exe.

PHP License

Figure 42. PHP License

Click I Agree if you agree to the license (Figure 42).

PHP Components

Figure 43. PHP Components

Click Next >.

[Tip] Tip

PEAR modules can be easily installed and upgraded over the internet. See the PEAR documentation for details. However, the BMFO scripting installer provides all necessary packages.

PHP Location

Figure 44. PHP Location

Accept the default installation directory, c:\windows\php, by clicking Install (Figure 44).

PHP Installation Complete

Figure 45. PHP Installation Complete

Click Close to close the installer.