1.3.3. BMFO Installer With PostgreSQL

This section contains information how to install BMFO using the installer for a PostgreSQL backend. If you are installing with and ORACLE or ORACLE XE backend, please refer to Section 1.3.2.

Run the BMFO installer (bmfo-setup-XXX.exe).

BMFO License Agreement

Figure 50. BMFO License Agreement

Click I Agree if you agree to the license agreement as shown in Figure 50.

Select the components as shown in Figure 51.

Choose Components (PostgreSQL Backend)

Figure 51. Choose Components (PostgreSQL Backend)

Click Next >.

[Caution] Caution

Change the user name to "postgres" as shown in Figure 52. Enter the PostgreSQL superuser password which you've entered before (Section 1.2.3, Figure 36).

PostgreSQL Database Connection

Figure 52. PostgreSQL Database Connection

Click Next >.

TOMCAT Connection (ORACLE)

Figure 53. TOMCAT Connection (ORACLE)

Verify that the TOMCAT port number is correct, enter your TOMCAT administrator password (Figure 53 like entered in Section 1.1.3) and click Next >.

You can accept the default installation location as shown in Figure 54.

Install Location

Figure 54. Install Location

Click Install.

Once the BMFO installer has finished, you should be able log on to BMFO using the shortcut from the Start Menu.

The default user name is bmfo and the default password is bmfo.

[Warning] Warning

It is recommended that you change the default password "bmfo" for the PostgreSQL user bmfo as soon as possible for security reasons.