1.4.2. ORACLE

[Note] Note

%BMFO% in this section refers to the actual BMFO installation directory. If this path contains spaces, you have to quote appropriately.

%BMFO%\script\prepare_oracle.sql is the first script, to be executed by the ORACLE system account.

The scripts %BMFO%\script\create_bmfo_ddl.sql, %BMFO%\script\oracle_ddl.sql and %BMFO%\script\create_views.sql have to be executed using the bmfo user. For example in SQL Plus:


Remember to replace %BMFO% with the actual location of the BMFO application.

[Warning] Warning

The default password for the ORACLE user bmfo is "bmfo". For security reasons it should be changed as soon as possible.

To finish, run script\oracle_role.sql as the ORACLE system user.