3.8. From 1.0.5 to 1.0.6

Please follow the steps below to update the system:

  1. Install JDK 1.5.0.

  2. Install TOMCAT 5.5.

  3. Update Apache to version 2.0.55.

  4. Install DCMMS Scripting (PHP) 4.4.1.

  5. Run the DCMMS Installer.

    For an installation with an ORACLE database backend, grant the right to create public synonyms to the bmfo user.

    [Warning] Warning

    You will have to create the synonyms yourself, if you forget to grant this right to user bmfo.

    Run the BMFO 1.0.6 installer and select the following components:

    • BMFO

    • Upgrade ORACLE

    • Servlet

    • Scheduled Cleanup

    When asked for database connection information, use the bmfo account with the respective password.

    For an installation with a PostgreSQL database backend, select the following components:

    • BMFO

    • Upgrade PostgreSQL

    • Servlet

    • Scheduled Cleanup

  6. Set up access control using the UserOperationalArea table (Section 2.3).

  7. Fill the Aggregation field in the Meter table (Section 2.4).