4.3. Complete Uninstallation

The uninstallation steps described below will completely remove BMFO and all of its components.

[Warning] Warning

Make sure that you have backed up your BMFO data (database dump file).

  1. Uninstall Apache through the Control Panel.

  2. Uninstall ORACLE, ORACLE XE or PostgreSQL through the Control Panel.

  3. Uninstall TOMCAT through the Control Panel.

  4. Uninstall BMFO through the Control Panel.

  5. Uninstall BMFO Scripting through the Control Panel.

  6. Delete c:\program files\postgresql.

  7. Delete c:\program files\bmfo.

  8. Delete c:\windows\php.

  9. Delete c:\windows\pear.

  10. Delete c:\windows\php.ini.

  11. Delete c:\program files\Apache Group.

  12. Delete c:\program files\Apache Software Foundation.

  13. Delete c:\tmp

  14. Verify that the Scheduled Task "at1" was removed. Delete if necessary.

  15. Delete the Windows user "postgres", e.g. with the following command:

    net user postgres /delete
  16. Verify that the BMFO folder was removed from the Start Menu.

  17. Reboot.