3.2. Automated Testing

The Canoo Webtest suite is used for testing the application.

Canoo Webtest is freely available from http://webtest.canoo.com.

The file containing the tests is script/test/build.xml.

To run the tests, follow the steps below:

  1. Download build.zip for Canoo Webtest version 1.7. Extract the archive to a path without spaces.

  2. Add the bin folder of the Canoo distribution to the PATH.

  3. On the command line, change the working directory to script/test in the DCMMS sources.

  4. Run the following command:

    runWebtest.bat build.xml

The test report will be generated in script/test/webtest-results/results.html.

[Tip] Tip

If you want to generate WebTest.dtd, you can use the "dtd" target of script/test/build.xml. The DTD will allow editors like jEdit to highlight syntax errors in the build file.