4.2. Java ResourceBundles

The PDF reports are internationalized using Java ResourceBundles. These ResourceBundles can be generated from the bmfo.po files using the msgfmt command from the gettext distribution.

Gettext for Windows is available from http://gettext.sourceforge.net.

Create the ResourceBundles for the PDF Reports:

msgfmt --java2 -d ..\..\..\servlet\WEB-INF\classes -l ar_AR -r bmfo bmfo.po

Note that javac must be in your PATH.

[Note] Note

If you are using a gettext version < 0.15.0 on Windows you may encounter an error message like the following:

msgfmt: cannot create a temporary directory using template "\/msgK5G9pb": Invalid argument

In this case, try to set the environment variable TMPDIR to a temporary directory.